$50 of Groceries from Safeway.com for FREE!

18 Dec

Safeway:Ingredients for Life

I’ve been hearing about some crazy deals folks are getting using Safeway.com’s delivery service – $50 worth of groceries for FREE (some have even made $$ on this deal). Talk about crazy savings! Want to get in on the fun?
Here’s how:


Sign up for your free account through Shop at Home: a cash-back program. Once you are registered, search Shop at Home for “Safeway” and click on Shop at Home’s link to access Safeway’s site.


Set up a new account at Safeway.com. (It will tell you if they offer delivery to your area or not.)
Once you’re in, add $50 of items to your cart.
At checkout, use coupon code CJSAVINGS and you’ll receive $15 off  AND free delivery!


You can use the $15 coupon code on top of current buy one, get one free sales! You can find these by going to Safeway.com, and then clicking on the “Online Savings” tab and then “buy one, get one free specials.” Click on the specific categories to see what you’ll find on buy one, get one free in that department. Please note that on the buy one, get one free items it will tell you what date your item has to be delivered by in order to get that discount.

You’ll be given an “estimated total” with the $15 off, but NOT the buy one, get one free discounts. Do NOT panic. These discounts will be on your final receipt, which comes with your bill. Just make sure you place multiples of 2 in your cart for any buy one, get one free promotions.

For example, here is an order that The Coupon Project placed:

(4) Nestle Cocoa @ $2.79 each
(4) Better Oats @ $2.99 each
(2) Bagels @ $4.79 each
(2) Dole Fruit @ $4.39 each
(2) Jimmy Dean Sausage @ $5.39
SubtotaL: $52.26
Actually Paid: $11.13

Click here to read her full post!


You will get at least $12 cash back for your Safeway purchase from Shop at Home. If this is a new account, you are automatically credited another $5 for signing up: that’s $17 cash back! On an order like the one above, you can MAKE MONEY: anywhere from $.87 to $5.87!

The CJSAVINGS code is good through December 31, 2010 ONLY and ONLY to first-time Safeway.com customers. In my opinion, the cheapest bet is to combine this code with the buy one, get one free sales. However, you may wish to use it for other items as well. Just make sure your total is $50.


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